AV1 SensorsAV2 SensorsAdv. Steel Armor
Adv. Titanium ArmorAdvanced CloakAlpha fabrications
Brood LaserBrood LauncherBrood Plate
CS1 ComputerCS1 DeviceCS1 Sensors
CS2 ComputerCS2 DeviceCS2 Sensors
CS3 ComputerCS3 DeviceCS3 Sensors
CS4 ComputerCkis CrueltyClasses
Cloaking ModuleCloaking deviceCoalition Disruptor
Coalition Ftr BayCoalition LaserCoalition Launcher
Coalition PlasmaCrewDevastation Battery
Devastation CannonDevastation DeckDevastation Disruptor
Devastation RayDrivesEngineer
EscharFabrication ListFuel
Getting the gameGi'pokHS1 Computer
HS1 DeviceHS1 SensorsHS2 Computer
HS2 DeviceHS2 SensorsHS3 Computer
HS3 DeviceHS3 SensorsHostile Space Wiki
HumanHvy LauncherImperial Bolt
Imperial DisruptorImperial Ftr BayImperial Laser
Imperial LauncherItems ListKalarix
KeysKorms ShockLt Disruptor
Lt Ftr BayLt LaserLt Launcher
Lt PlasmaManeuversMd Disruptor
Md Ftr BayMd LaserMd Launcher
Md PlasmaMercenaryMunitions
Munitions(skill)OresPS10 Computer
PS1 ComputerPS1 DevicePS1 Sensors
PS2 ComputerPS2 DevicePS2 Sensors
PS3 ComputerPS3 DevicePS3 Sensors
PS4 ComputerPS5 ComputerPS6 Computer
PS7 ComputerPS8 ComputerPS9 Computer
PsionicsPyrokineticRS1 Computer
RS1 DeviceRS1 SensorsRS2 Computer
RS2 DeviceRS2 SensorsRS3 Computer
RS3 DeviceRS3 SensorsRaces
ST10 ComputerST1 ComputerST1 Device
ST1 SensorsST2 ComputerST2 Device
ST2 SensorsST3 ComputerST3 Device
ST3 SensorsST4 ComputerST5 Computer
ST6 ComputerST7 ComputerST8 Computer
ST9 ComputerShades WingsShips
SmugglerSpace academySteel Armor
Str / Int / DexTX CloakTX Disruptor
TX LauncherTX PlasmaTX laser
TerrixTitanium ArmorTritanium Armor
Trixxion DeflectorType1 ShieldsType2 Shields
Type3 ShieldsType4 ShieldsType5 Shields
Type6 ShieldsUnukalhaiUosis Barrier
Xxors HateYtirs GuardZorxanth

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