Space academy map

The space academy

this is the place you will start at when you make a new character. you will also return here when using the /hyperspace or /hs command when level 10 or lower.

Seeing as this is the starting area all mobs here are level 1 with the exception of the exit guardian that is level 2 who drops the Key Card required to leave.

Mobs that spawn in this area are Giant spider and giant scorpian.

There are 2 shops that have a bit of low level gear you can buy along with ammo for launchers and bays.


as with all shop you are able to sell dropped loot from mobs you kill or buy stuff that you may need from them (though this is quite rare as most stuff will be gotten from mob loot).


the supply depo here sells starter missiles and bays and cheap fuel for new players.


the drydock here sells TX weapons a ship and a couple drives that are small upgrades to what you start with

supply depo price drydock price
Phosium 30 Firewing 5k0
Phalanx 3 Fission Drive 30
Stingray 35 Fusion Drive 65
Tritanium 75
TX Laser 10
TX Plasma 10
TX Disruptor 10
TX Launcher 10


while most of this you will ether sell to one of the shops or leave on the ground, there are some that might want to keep them for fabrication(crafting)

ore/fuel shield computer sensors elec war plates
Refined Plutonium Type1 Shields RS1 Computer HS1 Sensors ST1 Device Steel Armor
Plutonium CS1 Computer RS1 Sensors CS1 Device Adv. Steel Armor
Aluminum PS1 Computer AV1 Sensors HS1 Device
Hydrogen ST1 Computer PS1 Sensors RS1 Device
RS1 Computer CS1 Sensors PS1 Device
HS1 Computer ST1 Sensors Cloaking Module
weapons ammo items
Coalition Laser Vector I Energy Focus Fabrication molds
Coalition Disruptor V-Braun Type 1 Basic Targetter Basic Capacitor
Coalition Launcher Small Barrel Simple Conduit
Coalition Plasma Thermal Cage Simple conduit
Coalition Ftr Bay