Str / Int / DexEdit


  • Increases chance to gain skill.
  • Increases max psi (3 points or more, depending on your tier).
  • Increases psi regen.
  • Increases success rate of fabrications.


  • Increases offense (chance to hit enemy).
  • Increases defense (chance to dodge attacks).
  • Increases precise hit rate (max damage from weapon).


  • Increases max crew (4 points or more, depending on your tier).[1][2]
  • Increases interrupt rate on target.[3]
  • Reduces system failure time (from enemy attacks).
  • Decreases the chance of being interrupted.
  • Reduces crew loss in combat.
  • Increases crew damage done to target.

References Edit

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  2. New Player's Guide (8/19/2014)
  3. As of 27/10/11 update

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